Warranty and Returns

Ultraflex provides a complete product support model allowing our OEM customers to maximize the return for their investment. Repair and logistics functions are integrated in our advanced Online collaboration system to optimize the model most efficiently. Our service centers in USA and Europe provide strategic worldwide coverage for warranty repair service and support. We also play an important role in helping our customers manage their spare parts pipeline. From retail channel returns management and processing to single warranty exchanges, Ultraflex provides an efficient environment to handle all aspects of the Warranty Management.


• Advanced RMA management
• Electronic warranty service tracking
• Bulk and single product returns
• Channel returns management
• Repair and rework capabilities
• Failure tracking and statistical analysis

Product Changes and Upgrades

Ultraflex takes an active role throughout the product lifecycle, not only during the product development phase, but after it is release to the market.
We constantly review the products’ performance and suggest improvements and upgrades. Our constant exposure to the latest technological advancements in a broad variety of fields allows us to guide our customers through the process of introducing product upgrades or new generations of products.

• Ongoing cost analysis and optimization
• Advanced online ECR/ECO tracking and approval system
• Product reliability monitoring and analysis
• Continuous improvement feedback from sustaining services back to design
• New technology research and market studies