1. Research/Feasibility Study

  1. Understanding of project parameters
    • Our multidisciplinary team meets with client’s staff to identify and document all relevant requirements and needs.
    • We gain solid understanding of marketing, design and engineering aspects of the client’s needs.
  2. Comprehensive Market research
    • Information is collected for the formulation of innovative views
  3. Technological approaches research
    • formulating and selecting the optimum development path
    • zeroing in on innovative product design and engineering solutions
  4. Cost analysis (Design and Production)
    • Information is collected for the formulation of innovative views
  5. Preliminary product development schedule

2. Product Definition/Specifications

  1. Creating product direction and innovative concepts
    • formulating and prioritizing collected data
    • client and agency requirements and characteristics
  2. Industrial design concepts
  3. User interface design
  4. Defining electrical/mechanical specifications
    • defining all design, engineering, manufacturing, configurations
  5. Ergonomical and human factors
  6. Finalizing project/product cost and schedule

3. Design and Innovation Stage

  1. Technology approaches selection
  2. Hardware/PCB design
  3. Firmware/Software design
  4. Industrial design
  5. Mechanical design

4. Integration and Implementation Stage

  1. Software/Hardware Integration
  2. Engineering and pre-production prototypes
  3. Testing and final integration
  4. Specifications verification
  5. Finalizing Engineering documentation

5. Pilot Production Stage

  1. Preparing manufacturing documentation
  2. Cost optimization
  3. Pilot production
  4. Design verification and Life tests
  5. Agency approvals

6. Rollout to Production

  1. Support through the final step
  2. Production details coordination
  3. Tooling
  4. Test fixtures

7. Post Production support and Upgrades

  1. Manufacturing documentation maintenance
  2. ECR/ECO, product changes and upgrades
  3. Warranty and out of warranty service
  4. Technical support