Q. When was Ultraflex International, Inc founded.
A: Ultraflex was incorporated in 1993 in New York.

Q: What services do you offer?
A: Ultraflex design, manufactures and services electronics products for OEM cusomter. We offer full range of services – from conceptual requirements, design and product development, prototyping and testing, pilot and full production and post production support.

Q: What cost optimizations do you offer?
A: Ultraflex offers two levels of cost optimization. First level of cost optimization is based on your assembly drawing with parts list or finished product. Ultraflex will review and suggest cost optimization options – generally for upgrading the product. Second level of cost optimization is to evaluate an existing product and full manufacturing documentation. Ultraflex will review and suggest new manufacturing approaches and options for options for labor and materials cost savings.

Q: Can you provide just design or just contract manufacturing services?
A: Yes. Ultraflex can provide any or all services needed in designing and manufacturing an electronics product.

Q: What information do you need to size a project?
A: Since every situation is different, please call us to discuss what will be needed to size a project.

Q: Do you offer to amortize some of the design charges in the production?
A: Yes. With this unique approach Ultraflex helps its customers amortize the engineering cost with the product manufacturing.

Q:What if my questions was not answered on the web site?
A: If your questions have not been answered, please contact us at +1 631.467.6814 or email sales@ultraflex.net